Thursday, May 03, 2012

My daily basic skincare routine ♥

Hello peeps ! How have you guys been? Hopefully great and filled with love ♥
This is my first time revealing my basic routine skincare regime.

Want to have beautiful and clear skin? 
Just apply loose powder will look good?
I'm using Simple cleanser with vitamin c. Can get it at any Watson store.
After which i using Suisse Toner.
Lastly, i use Face Ampoules. This is good enough and it works better than moisturiser.
I don't like moisturiser cause of the oily/sticky feel left on my face.
There are 10 types of Ampoules
Acne Purifying
This unique formulation contains an antiseptic effect to regulate excessive sebaceous secretion and soothes irritated areas which eventually reduce acne outbreaks. Suitable for oily skin types, especially acne-troubled skin.
          Ingredients: Aqua, AlginAgrimory Extract, DPG, Peptide, DMDM Hydantoin
This unique formulation provides the skin with collagen that helps to facilitate the process of skin cells renewal and strengthen the natural barrier of the skin. It calms and balances skin for a refreshing recovery from daily tiredness. It is often used for photo-shooting, bridal make up as it helps to achieve an excellent radiant looking skin. Suitable for all skin types, especially during bridal make up and photo-shoots.

Ingredients: Aqua, Algin, Collagen Extract, Carbopol 980, DMDM Hydantoin
This unique formulation reduces water loss and supplements moisture to the skin. It provides the essential minerals needed by the skin cells to rebuild the membranes for its normal functioning. It helps to increase and maintain skin moisture, while at the same time, penetrates deep into the skin to enhance its texture. Dry and tired-looking skin is revitalized and moisture is locked within the skin, giving an immediate radiant look. Suitable for all skin types, especially dry and tired-looking skin.

Ingredients: Aqua, Algin, Hyaluronic Acid Powder, Carbopol 980, DMDM Hydantoin
Vitamin C
This unique formulation contains pure 100% content with Vitamin C,which is a highly anti-oxidant agent that consists of purifying & astringent qualities which helps to detoxify the skin and tightens itspores. This highly anti-oxidant agent also helps in blocking the formation of dark spot, reducing fine lines and thus bringing back a youthful complexion. Suitable for all skin types, especially matured skin.

Ingredients: Aqua, Algin, Butylene Glycol, Ascorbic Acid, DMDMHydantoin
This unique formulation contains combination of vitamins and vitamin derivatives which are able to suppress the formation of melanin (a darkening substance) and promote and even complexion by enhancing skin’s natural fairness from within. It helps to clarify dark spots, and brighten complexion while intensively moisturizing skin. Suitable for all skin types, especially dark spots and pigmentation.

Ingredients: Algin, Aqua, Bearberry Extract, DMDM Hydantoin
Eye Care
This unique formulation helps to keep the epidermal horny layer of the skin around the eye zone area hydrated at all times. Besides reducing wrinkles & fine lines around the eye contour, it also helps to minimize dark circles & reduce eye-puffiness. Suitable for all skin types, especially for treatment of delicate skin around the eye zone area.

Ingredients: Aqua, AlginPhylderm Vegetal C2, Sodium PCA, DMDM Hydantoin
This unique formulation is made up of tensing agents that specializein reducing wrinkles and to cater for lifting effects. It tones and protects the epidermis layer of skin, and in recovering its natural radiances. With a hydrating & cell repairing biological component, it gives the skin more elasticity and eventually a finer and smoother texture. Suitable for all skin types, especially dry, wrinkled, saggy and aging skin.

Ingredients: Aqua, Algin, Ivy Extract, DPG, DMDM Hydantoin
This unique formulation contains purifying, antiseptic & astringent properties that helps to regulate oil glands, sebum secretions & restores skin electrolyte balances. It also helps in tightening pores, leaving skin clear matt. Suitable for all skin types, especially for open pores and oily skin.

Ingredients: Aqua, Algin, Mandarin Orange Extract, Carbopol 980, DMDM Hydantoin
This unique formulation is dedicated to calm down sensitive skin to prevent any outbreak or irritation of skin towards the surrounding environment. Suitable for all skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin.

Ingredients: Aqua, Algin, Chamomile Extract, Aloe vera Powder, DMDM Hydantoin
                                                                                  Stem Cell
This unique formulation helps to promote skin cells renewal, and at the same time, energize and stimulate skin repair. It helps to smoothen, brighten and intensively moisturize the skin. Besides visibly reducing wrinkles, fine lines and scar marks, it also helps in anti-aging. Stem Cell is also used as a bust firming element. Suitable for all skin types, and also bust firming. 
Ingredients: Aqua, Algin, Rice Bran Extract, Peptide,Triethanolamine, DMDM Hydantoin
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