Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Advertorial ♥ KIT KAT ♥

♥ I heart KIT KAT ! ♥
The best chocolate ♥ 
KIT KAT is one of the world's leading chocolate brands
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Goodie bag arrive at my doorstep ! 
What's inside?
They have KIT KAT chunky/chunky white, cocoa, crisp, dark and not forgetting the Extra Crispy, Extra Creamy !! 
I love KIT KAT, how about you? 
Since i was a little girl, i love KIT KAT.
Cause it's creamy and crispy..

Peeps !! Have a 5 mins break and enjoy KIT KAT Social break
Try this Social break to de-stress !
Do you know?
Singapore, May 8 (Reuters): Nestle, purveyor of the decades-old KitKat snack, has launched an app it says addresses a growing problem among young social media users — giving them a break from the stress of posting updates by doing it for them.       

The software, Social Break, automatically sends random updates to users’ Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. It will be officially launched in Singapore later this week and is free to download from  
While the application is a tongue-in-cheek marketing gimmick, the developers behind the software, ad agency JWT, say it also highlights a serious problem among younger users, especially in Asia: growing stress about time spent maintaining a presence on social networks.       

JWT surveyed 900 19-26 year olds in China, Singapore and the US and found that more than half considered it too time-consuming to keep up with all their social media commitments and conceded that the time they spent on such sites had a negative impact on their job or studies.       

JWT says that their survey shows that young people feel under increasing pressure to maintain their social media connections, responding to friends’ requests to comment on or “like” their posts, photographs or other updates.        
Nearly two thirds of Chinese surveyed said they felt pressure to be in constant contact on social media, with 58 per cent saying their social media obligations caused them stress.

“Social media used to be fun. It shouldn’t be an obligation, it shouldn’t be another life we have to maintain,” says Valerie Cheng, executive creative director of JWT’s Singapore, which was hired by Nestle to develop the app. Asia is home to some of the biggest social media populations in the world. Socialbakers, a service which monitors usage, lists Indonesia, India and the Philippines among the top 10 countries on Facebook.

Support and Liked KIT KAT over here 

Support and Liked KIT KAT over here 

Hope you guys enjoy Social break. 
Have a break. Have a KIT KAT ! ♥
XOXO Naomi