Tuesday, January 17, 2012

♥ Taiwan, Taipei Trip ♥

Taiwan, Taipei here i come !

With my cousin

Our family favourite ~ lu rou fan
Everybody eat this in Taiwan
My cousin enjoying his meal
Their "jie yun" singapore's MRT 
My boot
I prefer Taipai MRT, i hate singapore MRT
My cousin eyebrow nice? I was the one who trim for him all the while
Yes! I'm good with eyebrows =)
Guess where's this place?
It's "xi men ding"
My mum, cousin and i need these 2 luggage for our shopping 
Yup, we brought these 2 luggage around for shopping ! 
They are really useful
Korean cuisine ~ Yum
This is a big huge dog !
Look at this ! This picture show how huge this dog are
Pardon me for the photos at the bottom. Cause all are taken from my iphone =)

My bb in singapore ! My friend help me take care of him while i were in taiwan. My friend even brought bb to his work ! =) Thanks 
Every second day we went to the hair salon for wash, blow and style =)
Like my eyelashes? I brought it at the taipei watson.

This is the best fried chicken stall ! 
BB clothings
BB cap and socks
Hairclips for bb

Ops~! Did i mention that BB is a male?
Yup, he is a male puppy but i dress him up like a female little princess =D
My friends say i make him a gay dog
But i like it. He look so lovely when i dress him up 

My lovely mum ♥

After having their buffet and steamboat, i had 3 cone of ice-cream on a cold weather ! 
This is shiok ! Try it ! 
I can't resist haagen-daz ice cream
Off to wu fen pu, our shopping heaven !
After shopping, did a foot reflexology at wu fen pu. 
Surprisingly, the boss still recongised us 
Guess what thing is on my lap?
It's Pipi ! He is so cute but my BB is cuter. *hee
Saw this chinese wordings somewhere in Taipei. Find it meaningful so i snap it down.
This is my favourite chinese quote
I love to be in cold weather cause i can wear these clothings 

Not to forget Taiwan awesome manicurist 
My sharp shaped nails which i desire 
My mum sweet nails
This is what i dress in Taiwan 
A Taiwanese lady gave me this Hello Kitty specs 
Just for photo taking =)

My newly brought Rilakkuma iphone case. 
I love my case !

My mum and i have this for supper everyday without fail
One of my favourite dish in Taiwan
I like their sour plum
Can u tell that i look scared?
I edit this photo on iphone.

I love everything about Taiwan. Here i go..
Their food is unresistible !
Taiwanese is sooo warm, very friendly and super nice !
Their wu fen pu is a shopping heaven !
Many cute little puppies around 
Alright, i gonna stop. I'm not paid to praise Taiwan 
My mum wanted to visit the strawberry farm but the season is not for strawberry. 
Strawberry season is on March till May. Mummy said we go back Taiwan again for strawberry ! 
Everyday she talked to me about strawberry. So cute of her. 
Btw, this trip we went with a big group of families, relatives. 
We went for 2weeks but it seems not enough
*I have pen down on my 2012 resolution !
I found an awesome web designer. 
Have a nice week, readers