Friday, December 23, 2011

Update .. ♥

My fav close up shot ♥
My new puppy
BB, say HI.. =*)
Yup, i got a Yorkshire Terrier. A playful and cute puppy.
Weight at 1.5kg, currently 6-7months
The clothings i bought for BB in Taiwan
Korilakkuma & Rilakkuma ! 
My XL size bears.. Love them
Lastly, end a photo of myself =)
P.S= I just returned from Taiwan with my family and relatives. 
Did a magazine photoshoots, will published on 2012.
I love everything about Taiwan, the friendly people, foods, shopping.. 
I enjoyed the peace throughout this year, no more cyber bully-ing.
Didn't took much photos cause i thought my camera was spoiled. When for a check, and my camera was fine. Just that i mistaken the switch on button as the snap button. What a joke ! Haha.. 
* I thought of doing fillers and botox.. Any sponsor/recommendation? 
Preferred reasonable price if i'm paying. 
Thank you