Wednesday, September 28, 2011

♥ My Beauty Diary ♥

Wanna have beautiful and fair skin ? 
Here's a solution for you ! 
Just 3 step for awesome good looking skin ! 
I currently using Artistry products. It's works fabulous! I'm totally in love with it! Let me just share them with you.
First I use 
ARTISTRY Pure White Cleanser
to cleanse my face. It creates a soothing sensation as it touches the skin. I use twice daily, morning and night. I squeeze a drop of cleanser measuring 1cm in your palm, add water and work into a lather. Then immediately massage the rich foam over your face and neck. After that rinse thoroughly with water. The best thing is that it doesn't strip skin’s natural oils, preventing irritation or dry skin.
Secondly will the  
ARTISTRY Pure White Toner I
It's for for normal to dry skin. A milky formula with a dew-like texture that removes any last traces of make-up, dirt and cleanser. It treats dry skin by helping to maintain natural moisture levels. Used twice daily, morning and night, as part of my regular skin care regimen. I just saturate cotton pad with toner and smooth over entire surface of cleansed face. It reduces irritation caused by excessive dryness.
Finally the 
ARTISTRY Pure White Moisturiser I SPF20
it wards off the harmful and darkening effects of the sun. This step of whitening in the morning to protect vulnerable skin. I only use this in daily morning. I spread gently over my face and throat. The report said that this is a fast absorbing light moisturiser that increases moisture content of the skin by 112% (in-vitro testing), resulting in superb softness. 
ARTISTRY Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel !!! For additional purpose
After one 8-minutes treatment my skin looks and feels softer and smoother! But this is to be use twice a week for a treatment period of 6 weeks. This is how I use it. First I cleanse my face. Then I smooth a moist layer of 8 full pumps of Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel over the face. Leave it for 8 minutes then rinse it with water then pat my skin dry. 

You can see this video 女人我最大 on how it's works.

Follow by my tone and the next two Artistry products that I'm also going to share with you.

Which is...
ARTISTRY TIME DEFIANCE 3D Lifting Serum!!! For additional purpose
This is for firmer and more visually lifted skin for my face. Its for preventing my face skin from having sagging skin. It helps boost my skin natural collagen and also boost my skin natural ability to restore firmness and elasticity. 
Lastly introducing...
ARTISTRY Creme L/X!!! For additional purpose
The ultimate luxurious moisturiser that is the definitive solution to achieving younger looking skin. This can also play their part in moisturising the skin and also improving the visible signs of ageing.

Sandra Bullock endorses ARTISTRY

The results: outstanding hydration, enhanced elasticity, definitive smoothness and diminished fine lines.
It is clinically proven to help skin act up to 15 years younger. 
No other skin care product on the market can make that claim.

And if you have oily skin. you are use 
ARTISTRY Pure White Toner II. 
or normal to oily skin, this clear formula treats oily skin by helping to maintain moisture within. Leaves skin feeling cleaner, softer, smoother and never oily. 
 And also 
ARTISTRY Pure White Moisturiser II SPF20,
also for normal to oily skin. It lightly hydrates while providing serious oil production control combined with SPF 20, PA+++ to ward off the harmful and darkening effects of the sun, leaving your skin refreshed and shine-free. It also contains avocado oil to control oil production and “micro-sponge” particles to absorb excess surface oils.

After using these you can actually see the results instantly! And I am not kidding you! I am using it and had see how it made my skin look more radiance and youthful. It makes me feel that its safe and comfortable. I tried many whitening products, most of them give me problems like acne, dry skin. But this works wonder and is what i wanted for my skin.
But most important of all,
Gonna Sleep early and Drink lots of water Daily !
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