Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Advertorial~♥ Skin Lab Medical Spa ♥

Looking for a non-invasive and non surgical procedure to better skin.
Here is what Skin Lab can do for you.

And today i'll be doing a milk peel and medical peel treatment. Why this treatment, is because of the current overwhelming evidence that increasing the cell renewal process of the skin so that there is less dead skin on the epidermis will result in improvement in congestion and active acne.

Thus to achieve effective and good acne control, SkinLab Milk Peel and Medical Peel are used to regularly exfoliate dead skin and at the same time stimulate the epidermis to increase in its cell renewal process. This results in greater young healthy epidermis cells in the surface and less dead skin clogging on the pore surface.

  1. Medical peels regularly exfoliating the dead skin and caused it to regenerate and renew. It uses special ingredients to penetrate the epidermis. Increase cell renewal process to give a smoother and younger skin.
  2. It also controls oil glands.
  3. Dissolves blackhead and whitehead.
Feeling the urge to try out this treatment? Here is a good news for you all.
Quote " NAOMI " to enjoy *$38 Medical Peel 30mins or $68 Gentle Milk Exfoliation Facial 90mins

*This promotion is valid till 31 May 2011 and for new customers of Skin Lab Medical Spa only.

The 2nd treatment i did is I2PL, a skin rejuvenation used by aesthetic doctors as the "Gold standard" choice for performing treatments such as facial and skin rejuvenation and treatment of pigmentatory disorders.

This machine has shown the highest level afficacy and safety as supported by the extensive number of published scientific papers. It produces much better results than the
conventional IPL.

Ops, me taking a photo of myself while exploring the treatment room.
Just thought of taking this shot.
This corner is simply nice and cozy.
The area where their professional consultants advise you on the
correct treatment that best suites you.

Located at #04-04 Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Road Tel:
6235 3246

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