Thursday, April 07, 2011

Advertorial~♥ GC Hair Salon ♥

GC Hair Salon

♥ Spa Treatment Package ♥
$299 include
Hair Scalp Treatment + Hair Cut + 3 STEP JP TREATMENT
Hurry ! Limited time only
2nd person will enjoy a 50% off, which is only $149.50!
Package starts NOW !
(Must call for appointment to entitle for this package)

Not forgetting GC Hair Salon 1st Anniversary !
$25 hair cut for men
$35 hair cut for women
Done by Professional Hairstylist
Wow ! Such a good deal in town
Today i did a Hair scalp treatment with massage
What's Hair Scalp Treatment for ?
It's to prevent hair loss, ideal for oily/dry scalp.
It helps to grow new and healthy hair after we dyed colour/perm/rebound.
Here's the Hair Scalp Treatment ♥
45mins massage on Scalp with your choices of 4 different aroma oil
which includes 15mins neck & shoulder massage
Pamper yourself like a Princess ♥

During the process ♥ ♥ ♥
I love all the smell !
They smell heavenly ♥
Is time to Relax your mind & soul

GC Salon Drinks Menu
I choose Ribena !
I order Green tea too =)
Scalp Treatment done !
Here's 3 step Jp Hair Treatment !
It's really 3 step of treatment done on your hair !

System 1 Preserve 1 ( Part 1) 25g

Remove substances such as through acidification of the water element.
Moisturizing ingredients to enter the deep hair to protect hair's protein manufacturing.

System 1 Preserve 2 ( Part 2) 30ml
Strengthen the hair, the input of nutrients and prevent nutrient loss.

System 1 Preserve 3 ( Part 3) 25g
Patch elements so that the hair absorption enhancement. manufacturing protective layer.

PLUS.1 HOME TREATMENT (plus 1) 38g
Can form a protective layer, repair of damaged skin, hair by avoiding
Too much damage both external (Such as ultraviolet light)

NP 3 step JP Hair Treatment is a product used in Japanese Professional Salon.
Deep moisture from hair surface to hair fiber, it's long lasting.
After application, your hair has a shiny and nourished feeling
Gc Salon
220 Orchard Road #04-13 Midpoint Orchard
Tel : 67333417

Wonder how those Japanese can change their hair style every month
without damaging their hair?
Here's 3step JP Hair Treatment to do the perfect magic !