Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Valentine's day + Party at Filter !!

Bunny say Happy valentine !
Happy Belated Valentine's Day !
I love barbie lens !
My Dear cousin
My beloved Brother

Yes! I party with my family ! It was a fun night for us =)
Tons of pink roses,
I don't like roses but i can't deny that these roses look lovely !

My camera Lx-5 is good !! See my photos

Lilies my favorite !
Don't you think they look gorgeous ?
Seeing of sunflowers, it remind me of xuesha.
She love sunflowers !
These lovely flowers gonna die soon.
How i wish i can plant and grow them in my room's tiny balcony !
Some hilarious issue to share with you guys.
Firstly, my newly bought Daybed fell off the ground yesterday midnight !
Secondly, my cpu playing hide and seek on me !
Shall spend a day to fix all these problems ASAP !! =D
Alright, Have an enjoyable weekend !
Thanks for visiting my blog