Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sha and i ♥

Ken ramen Best !
Located at Orchard plaza =D
Especially rainy days, great to take soupy food
I'm listening to "Que sera sera" while blogging.
It reminds me of my childhood's song =)
So sweet and innocent.
As time flies and gets older, the world is not as simple as i think it's.
Fairy tales always the sweetest !
Chinese new year is around the corner.
Everybody must be busy with spring cleaning..
My mum busy going facial and had a new hair style
What's your year 2011 resolutions?
I had not pen down mine =X
I wanna live a life like an austrian, It's so simple & slow..
Singapore is way too fast to catch up.
I should think of my year 2011 resolution asap !
Good day people ♥
XOXO Hugs & Kisses
♥ ♥ ♥