Monday, January 17, 2011

Insomnia =(

I hesitate for an hour about this entry post.
After what i learnt from the past is never ever blog about your personal feelings.
But i think once in awhile to pour out what i've been buried deep down in my heart, will make me feel better.
Reader, if you find it boring. You can just close this window =)
I'm having Insomnia now.. This is very bad.
When i feel this way, i'll start to think of one thing and this is the only thing that make me regret for life. In fact till now..
A mistake that i'd ever made
Somebody used to be precious to me when i didn't cherish.
I have been telling myself to move on.
I did moved on.
This is the only thing that make me can't forget when i'm emo or having insomnia.
I wanted to email this person about my thoughts, as i remember he used to write diary about his thoughts and feelings.
I hold back cause he is happily attached.
No point doing anything cause i don't wish to have karma if i have a new relationship in the future.
Insomnia go away !
Tomorrow i still gonna have my nails done in the early afternoon
Holy shit ! Now is freak-ing 7am !!
It will be a better day after i wake up
Yes, i'm emo today but not everyday !