Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tvb HK Drama : Fu gui men, Born rich

Fu gui men, Born rich. A HK TVB drama with famous actors and actresses.
Starring Lou jia liang, Bosco wong..

Their relationship.
I love this hk drama, especially the ending. It was a perfect ending although some characters died. Connie still suitable for yi yuan, yi ming was a big baddie that gone crazy who conned without liang xin anymore.
My rating : 5/5 * Thumb up!
A total of 41 episode.
This is the reason why i'm homed these weeks.
Plus i'm busy doing cross stitch, went to those old places whereby i bought threads and stuffs. But those old places were closed/moved.
Hope the Bukit timah shop still there.
Anybody know where still have in singapore??
Thanks ! ♥
Weather getting better abit
Drink more water !!