Tuesday, February 09, 2010

webcam fun images !

Had a great day with them !
Knew them for many many years !!
We had seoul garden at causeway point, then shopping..
Last stop to my house and play webcam fun images =)
Hahaha.. Joelyn forgot her "ham" !
Yesterday night, i'm playing cafe world and eating her Ham *Hehe
We promise to gather together often !
I'm always their Sotong
Me, Mavis, Joelyn
Recently, i don't like to club. Got no idea.
Maybe i'm sick of it?
I rather spend time with family and friends =D
Btw, last week i bought mummy's favourite flower for CNY.
I'm waiting for the flowers to fully-grow,
and i can start to snap and show you guys.
I think it's nice.