Friday, February 26, 2010

Photoshoots + Pink parlour ♥

Two photos credit to Thomas
Thanks for the lovely photos =)
Welcome to Pink Parlour !

This location at Far east plaza Tel: 6100 9297
Call to make appointment for Nails & Brazilian waxing
Other branches located at
Liang court Tel : 6100 7465
Marina Square Tel: 61005489
The nails that i done over there
Promotions for DBS cards user
The cosy place for your Mani & Pedi
Full range of OPI Nail's Polish
The certs that they got ! Wow~
Once got in, be served with friendly staffs and drink of your preference
I'm busy choosing the design that i want =)

I love shiny nails !
Haha ! Did you see the disco balls ?!
I'm watching some movie.. Hmm.. I forgotten the tittle of the movie

I'm always engrossed by Japanese Nail's magazine
On the process of building up the shiny base

This is the arcylic powder that they use. Some are lousy type which hurt your nails but this is good one !

Here goes the promotions :
$88 DBS Princess Manicure and Princess Pedicure SGD 88.00
♥ ♥ ♥
Enjoy 2 sessions of Princess Manicure and Princess Pedicure at $88.
$20 surcharge is waived with this purchase.
Terms and Conditions: To pay using DBS credit cards. Sessions bought are non-transferable and cannot be shared. One of the prepaid session can be utilise after Chinese New Year before 31st May 10.
Subject to availability and management deserve the rights to turn down appointment if slots is fully taken although payment is received. In such case,sessions bought can only be utilise after Chinese New Year from 19th Febuary 10 onwards.
Enjoy your day over at Pink Parlour !
Finally pic of my nails =D
Here goes to Hazel who help me with Brazilian waxing
Here's the write-up from Hazel:
Unless you want your betty to look like an in-grown plantation, ditch the shavers already! Seriously, I don’t understand why girls shave instead of going for brazilians. The thought of nicking yourself is plain horrifying. I know it may be embarrassing to show off your betty so openly in front of a stranger, but trust me, it’s not as painful as you think it is. Plus, most people I know are brazilian converts once they’ve tried. It’s hard explaining why, but once you’ve been through your virgin brazilian, you’d be so happy with the results & not forgetting the soft skin you’d gladly spread your legs on your next visit. Something like childbirth (Haha, not that I’ve gone throught that). But these therapists have seen them all, don’t worry too much on the embarrassing factor alright.
For full article and brazilian promotion, please visit
The designs that you can choose for your brazilian waxing! Amazing !!
After care lotion from Pink Parlour
Hope you guys could enjoy your day over at Pink Parlour ♥