Saturday, February 06, 2010

Advertorial ♥ & outing with baby Des

It's Gill hair salon again !
Before hair done ♥
After hair done ! ♥
A new look !! Is it nice ?
Where's it located?
Gill Hair Salon
9 Scotts Road Level 3 unit 13
Building : Pacific Plaza
What number to make appointment?
Gill : 9830 1070
My new Chinese New Year's Nails
Red with Ribbons + Crystals = ♥
Melissa at 9662 0883
Located same place as Gill Hair Salon.. !
Is a great manicurist !
I simply love her skill !!
She can even do 4D Nail art =D
♥ it !
3rd Feb 2010, on my way for advertorial !
It end at 8pm plus..
Head over to Chinatown to get mummy's favourite CNY flowers,
and a little girl lost his daddy.
Help the little girl find his daddy =)
Little girl, don't wander around again.
4th Feb 2010, Met up with Baby desiree.
We went Timbre again !
My fav chill out place.
After that head to Nana..
Went home at 3am, too tired.
Is cam-whoring time !

Heart her alot~
See ! She love me too !

She love lots and lots ! Haha~ Envy me right?
5th Feb 2010, Met up with Baby Desiree again !
This time for shopping and supper !

Love this old school camera !
I like this pair of heels alot !
With crystals ! Shiny shiny~
Wonder why 4 shoe padding?
Because my feet is too small.
This is already size 4 and i need 4 shoe padding.
The lady was so sweet, she gave me the padding ! =D
My buys : 3 dresses, 1 leopard jacket ( Really pretty! ), 1 shiny legging
Daily stuffs from Sasa
Love my nails

It's Friday, but i'm not going out again.
Tired after hours of shopping..
Wanna go home and blog, game, sleep !
Aloe vera at my room mini balcony.
It's raining on the afternoon
*Good night peeps !!
Sweetest dreams everybody ♥