Saturday, February 20, 2010

Advertorial ! ♥ ♥ Kawaii-Cutie ♥ ♥

I'm an Aries ♥
I'm having fun with Vaio fun image

Smile =)
I ♥ Purple !

Love my contact lens??
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Kawaii-Cutie new webby
Now is EOS Lens Spree 5 !
Authentic EOS LENS SPREE is now here again girls!

what are you waiting for?

Japanese celebrities and models are all wearing EOS lenses models, it is extremely popular in Japan.
Please kindly note that EOS lenses are 14.5 mm in diameter.According to my supplier, there isn't any 15.5 mm/15.8mm/16.0mm diameter out in the industry, all this are just gimmicks to trick customers.
Capping at 100 orders! Kindly read terms and conditions before spreeing.
Will close on 10th March 2010, Spree will close even if cappings is not reached.
Spree Status: 0/100

No Payment = No orders
1 pair for $20
3 pairs and above will be $19 each

1) Free registered postage for $80 and above.

2) Free contact lens casing with purchase of 3 pairs and above. Individual separate casing are $1.00 each.

Kindly submit your order form to
Lens code : Adult Violet
I love this candy colour lens ♥

That's all for Adult Violet lens
Lens code : Adult Green, it looks turquoise on me ! Sweet candy colour =)

That's all for Adult green
Lens Code : Pure Max Brown (Their Popular series)

A close up of the lens, this lens really enlarge my eyeballs.
Even without putting black eyeliner

Hahaha !! Did i just scare you from the pic above ? =D

Check out their Promotions & Membership now !
Free Registered postage with purchase of $76
Free Registered postage with purchase of 5 pairs and above, entitled to a $10 buy at their sister's site .
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