Monday, January 11, 2010

Photoshoots & Friends gathering ...

Photoshoots location: Marina Mandarin

I love self-snapping !
My signature pose ! LOL

I wish my face is longer and not too small..

2nd outfit

Had my photoshoots on friday, and i was pretty late for it. Cause i overslept on that day.
So far so good =))
Damn DennisC from clusnap who cheated xuesha & i for our photoshoots !!
People watch out for this guy in clubsnap !
I paid a suite room at a 5 star hotel, but he just bombed us !!
So beware of DennisC !
I heard he still owe models money !
After photoshoots, i went to met up with my 6years friend.
We went to powerhouse, which i hate this place..
We had Dinner at Ah wok. I loe their seafood hor fun. Special order like Very black sauce =)
I love this photo, i think i look GONG ! THat's the purpose of it right?
I wanna buy a bling bling cap

ALright guys, i had uploaded the photos as i was told to. Grab from here.. Cause i'm lazy to mail or maybe tag in facebook. =)