Thursday, January 07, 2010

New year eve celebration

We make reservation
Booze booze~~
My fav bottle in zouk
I hate these !!!
The love birds ♥
Cheers to Year 2010 !
The lucky guy
2nd lucky guy !
A treat from eugene, thanks although i don't drink this in zouk.
Michelle, Sha, Naomi
New year eve celebrations at Phuture with the girls and guys.
A new year meaning a new start in life
I left zouk about 2am+, went to my bro's house for Bbq.
Everybody were high and drunk..
I had been scolded for been late.
* My new lappy is causing me problem again !
Now i hardly online..
Hmm.. Should i get a sony or toshiba??
Anybody who can advise me?
Drop me an email
Arigatto Gozaimasu