Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year to everybody who visit my blog! ♥
I had been wondering what's my 2010 Year Resolutions... ??? ^-^?
I gonna think a good one then..
Be back for updates.... ♥
♥ A quick updates of what i had been doing these holidays..
Both xmas eve and new year eve, i spend with xuesha and friends.
xmas eve was at sha's house, new year eve we when to zouk.
Around 2am+, I left zouk and goes to my bro's house. All photos taken at sha's camera.
Awaiting for her to send me..
♥ ♥ Back to my 2010 Resolutions !!
Number one : Learn to be selfish and protect myself
Number two: Have more outing with my mum
Number three: Maintain good terms with my girlfriends
Number four: Take my time to find a boyfriend. (husband to be type)
Number five: More advertorials and jobs (Events, photoshoots)
Number six: Be happier
Number seven: Revamp my blog
Number eight: Try not to sick every month
Number nine:
Number ten:
I'll think of it and update soon !
Somebody that always on my mind changed alot..
Felt disappointed but unsolved questions had already solved now.
A new beginning year, i learn more things and had an answer for my questions.
I see people changed due to surronding friends
God bless me and everyone in this world ! ♥ ♥ ♥