Sunday, January 17, 2010

Advertorial ♥ Kawaii-cutie Lens ... ♥

Lens code : Misty Grey

Korean EOS lens !
Yearly lenses .. ♥
Selling at 1 pair for $20
3 pairs and above for $19 each
Hurry ! As their spree will be closing on 22th Jan 2010,
receive before Chinese new year/Valentine's day !!
Look gorgeous on special occasion now !
Left 4 days to send in your order form =)
Lens code : Misty Blue

Naomi love these 3 lens!
It feels comfy after wearing it !
The great deal about it is 14.5mm =D
I can look dolly every now and then
Tip: After you open the bottles, do soak it for hours then you wear it. =)
Lens code : Misty Brown

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Free Registered postage with purchase of $76
Free Registered postage with purchase of 5 pairs and above, entitled to a $10 buy at their sister's site .
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