Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Doing Advertorial at home... ♥

Recently, i had been busy catching all the movies that i wanted to watch. And doing advetorials at home.
Somehow i'm regretted for rejecting casting.
Something, someone are just not worth my time.
Lastly, I'm addicted to CAFE WORLD on Facebook !!
Do add me if you're playing.
Thanks ! XOXO

Hmm.. Where should i go for tonight? Phuture? Rebel? Shanghai dolly?

The movie that i had watched it twice !
I'm in love with Edward cullen ♥
I like this scene in the movie
Ninja assassin is a great movie, provided you love bloody scene =)
Zombie land,
Bloody, disgusting but i could just laugh out loud. To me is a comedy
2012, A great movie.. Felt so much in this movie..