Friday, December 18, 2009

Advertorial ♥ Lioele & Elisha coy

I received these items, total of 10 products. Mixture of skin care and make up
Ice herb whitening water drop

It moisturizes dry and dull skin to give your skin a healthy and EVITALIZED look. I love this product cause it whitening and brighten my skin instantly. Suitable for all skin types even sensitive skin.

Step to use: After cleanse your face, apply a few drops on your face. Thin layer will do.

I heart this product

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Lioele Oxygen Foam

Lioele Oxygen foam is a 2in1 Deep Cleanser cum Oxygen Mask.

This bottle make wonder! As it can removes all traces of make up and cleanses deep inside the pores.

I could say it's a 3 in 1 to me. Why? Makeup remover + deep cleanser + oxygen mask.

It's a great deal for lazy ladies

It unclogs your pores first, gently massages (which creates good blood circulation on the face) & exfoliates the skin, deep cleanse to remove all sorts of dirt & sebum and lastly, rejuvenation: brightens & lifts up the face instantly.

How to use:

For deep cleansing, brightening & exfoliating = leave on dry face & wash it off after 1 to 2 min.

For additional function (lifting & intense deep cleansing)= leave on dry face and wait till oxygen foam disappear or approximately 15 mins later.

Lioele V-Line Waterdrop sleeping pack

Shape your face to V-line while you sleep. Water droplets are formed immediately after application to sooth your skin & replenishes water level. It rejuvenates your skin by pumping moisture & water deeply into your skin. It helps to reduce/ slim down your double chin or fats around face area naturally without any hassle. Non-greasy, non-oily, non-sticky. For all skin types.

My point of view after i tried it: Non-sticky, great moisture and give shaping effect while sleeping. It feels like magic. It works well especially after clubbing session.

Lioele Aroma Peeling Gel

Magic gel which removes all dead skin, dirts and gently exfoliates your skin to reveal a clearer and flawless skin.

My point of view after using it. To my surprise it doesn't come in beads. Smell nice and works well. It contains vit A and C. I have clearer and flawless skin within 3mins.

All these products are meant for all skin types, oily, dry and even sensitive skin.

Elisha coy Triple BB Cream

It helps to whiten and anti-wrinkle effect, contains SPF-30. Most importantly it’s chemical action free.

It’s safe for all skin types.Natural ingredients like royal jelly and caviar help to protect and improve your skin texture. While on your makeup on. So why not? =)

Elisha coy Always Nuddy BB cream 24

What about this BB cream? This is more suitable for acne breakout or going to break out use. It’s smoothing and moisturizing. Now even you can still look pretty with acne

Elisha coy Skinny Mineral Pact

This powder pact not only sebum control and meantime it give moisture and radiant finish.

How to use: Spread a small amount of BB cream on your face and follow by this powder pact.

It give me a light and natural look. It works like a loose powder. It’s compact and ready to bring along with you everywhere!

Lioele Marbling Blusher

Highlighter for under-eyes, cheek highlighter and radiance makeup.

A triple highlighter use, it sharpen my face shape & nose shape, give me radiance look, cover my dark under eyes.

It’s a great ideal for photoshoots, clubbing, shopping
You can use it to highlight your features, cover dark circles, and highlight your nose to make it look sharper

Blooming pop pinky tint

It works for both cheek and lip. If you want a pinky nude lip, This is the one for you.

Love my pinky pop lip? =)

Real Waterproof up & down mascara

This mascara works wonder, because it’s water proof, and it comes with both side for both lower and upper eye. Give you a dolly look.

How to use ?

Step 1 : Apply top lashes
Here it goes
Lastly the bottom lashes
Done in 3mins !
Beautiful lashes i got! You can have it too

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Lioele products are available at

All SASA Cosmetic stores & all John Little Departmental stores