Sunday, November 15, 2009

Advertorial & Model for Gill chong hair salon

Life still goes on
Naomi have to be strong

My 3rd look !

My 2nd look

My 1st look

Be back to update ! ♥
Here are my updates:
I learn something new in my life, especially recently. No matter what's the outcome, i still gonna carry on and smile.. Never repeat mistake. Friends are always by my side.. Never forsake them.

Back to my thoughts through out the shoots:
My hair done by: Winnie
Nails & Makeup by: Melissa
Photographer: Derek
Hope the photos will be out soon by Derek !
They're great working partners ♥
For my view, i like the 2nd and 3rd look =D

Maya and i were considering to get fujitsu L1010 pink colour.
Hmm.. Any comments or lobang?
As my desktop and lappy are dying =(
P.S: I'll try to solve my facebook account problem and msn soon..
Btw, Comments goes to my email instead of the chat box
Thank you readers for your concern emails *hearts*