Thursday, October 08, 2009

Photos credit : Photographer.Ouyang

Catch me at Auto Salon Expo hall 5, Ck performance booth, 8th - 11th oct.
I'll be working with many babes. Like Celestina, Miyake ... And more !
Wed, 7th OCT
I know i look very pale, like a ghost ! Haha..
What's up for dinner ?!
Meet up with Desiree baby again !
This time we go shopping, i got pvc shorts for the auto salon.
We enjoyed spending time together,
i realized she loves "ba gua"
Lol.. So cute of her !
*I did my nails, this time round was very simple
Tues, 6th OCT
Ang mo kio, Crab fiesta !! My favourite ♥
Sour & Spicy tofu in a pot
Our favourite "kang kong" with sambal
I trim & treatment my hair at Jeric salon.
Desiree baby was so sweet of her to accompany and wait for me
Mon, 5th OCT
After fitting, dine in a Thai cuisine
2 plate of fried rice !
Please don't doubt me,
I can finished 2 plate of fried rice !!
Their foods taste great.
And it's traditional thai cuisine
Fish cake
Steam fish
Tom yum seafood soup ~
I went casting & fitting =)
That's all
*Sorry for late updates..
I'm very lazy =P