Thursday, October 01, 2009

Ah yat seafood for seafood fiesta
Their signature dish ! Abalone
This pic proven that my new camera is good !
Zhu bang, i love it !
Oyster, i hate it.
Sweet & Sour pork

Clear skin was great !
My newly bought the lovely & sweet decorations for my 3 new gadgets !
Between, i bump with xuesha earlier on.
To those who emailed me asked did i fall out with xuesha, the answer is NO.
Just that we're busy with our stuffs. Please do not make assumption.
I'm glad that some people volunteer to help me out with my blog with no charges.
But it gonna be a big move for my blog.
Peeps, look forward for it =D
Meanwhile i'm going to get crystals and pearls soon for my gadgets.
I wanna do kawaii style =)