Saturday, October 03, 2009

2nd Oct ( Friday )

I'm waiting..

To my fav, Togi !!
I didn't get to snap spicy chicken stew soup,
cause i'm too hungry plus greedy !
B.b.q beef (I only take medium rare)

I love my iphone ! Muack ^.^

Pardon me for lots of my zi lian photos

Movie : Accident
My point of view for this movie: The brain is a smart man who think of how to create an accident, but he is too obsessed.. Somehow i think he is too paranoid.
I don't like the ending. Cause i still prefer Happy ending =D
Supper at Chicago's steakhouse
This dish is bad
I went to arab st to get some crystals to bling my gadgets.
Tomorrow i shall do them, can't wait for it =)
Iphone is a good phone,
Cause it doesn't hang,
Although the battery's life is fast running low but it charge real fast !
My first try with ebuddy on iphone was great =D
Oh well, i think i'm " mountain turtle "
But is alright.
Good night ♥