Wednesday, September 30, 2009

F1 LG Photos

I'm really tired on my working days..
After party at National museum with desiree & many friends =D
Credit to my favourite photographer ED
Credit to Photographer.Darren

Credit to P.ShengMet the pretty MC Ling !

Am playing F1 stimulator,
I lost,
Cause i'm not lewis hamilton !
Congrats & hurray to Lewis hamilton !!

Welcome to F1 LG booth !
This is not bored at all,
It's a form of art =)

These 2 mini replica cars cost 20 thousand each ! Wow..
So this is where i station at " stimulator "
Alright, had enough of my photos. Here are the photos of pretty young babes.
Honestly, i feel so old besides them =) LOL
* Thank you readers for been with me for these 2years ! ♥
I had decided to consult a web designer to revamp my ugly & messy blog !!
I love you readers ! XOXO
I would like to thank you those who support me at Super Import Night & F1,
Cause you guys are really SWEET to come all the way down !
I gonna bling my new gadgets..
And after the F1 event, i've been staying at home to Rot, Relax, Rest
I love to stay home to play girl's games, Blogging, watch tv drama
To those who purchase clothings from me,
I've mail out the clothings today,
For those who haven't make payment please do so.
And i got in more of the popular " Heart shaped tube top "
It's available now. =D