Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Girls outing !

I erase fion's face cause she look funny in it

Yes, i love Fion !
Everyday i see you !! Haha..

Fion, Me, Desiree

We're high high high ~
Yes ! It's girl's outing!
Finally desiree is back from hungary.
And and, everyday i see Fion. Hmm.. Unless sleeping time i don't see her only!
Hahaha.. I know that's so crazy of us.
Our conversation goes:
Naomi: Eh~ Why everyday i see you huh?? You're "Gen pi chong" ar?
Fion: Yah lor! You also!! The only time we don't meet was when we were sleeping.
Right after that we burst into laughter !!
Naomi is busy busy but very HAPPY =D