Saturday, July 04, 2009

What a day i've been thru..

Yes, i'm too bored..


 I'm so piss today ! Why? Cause of a woman named "Olivia" from Hotstuff ( Formula Drift event)She is just stuck up! She make me go all the way from north to changi. I was 30mins late, she told me that she got a replacement for me already. Ask me to go back home. What kind of rubbish is this? Even if i'm at fault to be late for 30mins, also won't up to the extend till ask me to go home. The most deduct my pay. Somemore the pay is so low. Plus i'm on medication, can't she understand some medication cause drowsiness? This woman totally doesn't make any common sense! This is the worst job i had before !! Those who are going to look for me, don't bother to. Cause i won't be working there anymore.
Again, sorry for ranting too much. I just wanna say out to make me feel better