Sunday, July 05, 2009

Baby pooh, Webcam from Mr.W
Jap uniform from Japan, Water bottle
You ji mee sua !
La-la 2 bowls
Fish, veg
It's sunday today. Aww~ I miss the church today.
Never mind next week then :) My church mate is in shanghai too.
Oh dear, i simply addicted to Whites!
I'm eyeing on the new iphone white & Nokia N97 white.
Good news for me! This friday gonna do a photoshoots by loreal photographer.
And this project is for a japanese company ! I'm looking forward for the great photos!!
Btw, yesterday was a very boring night for my darlings and i.
Later gonna meet fion for movie and You Ji Mee Sua !! My fav, yum yum!
Be back for photos and more updates
I got my Jap uniform by K (Sorry for waiting)
I had my You ji mee sua with fion and friends
I got webcam by W (Thanks)
I got Baby pooh water bottle at petrol station
W caught me a baby pooh softy
Watched "Duplicity", Julia Roberts is hot and charming
End of the day. *Happy* =D