Monday, June 08, 2009

The Newpaper article

This photo was send by my blog reader thru email, Thanks!!
Butter with my loves
I love dior!
Photo credit to ecperez
Today's weather is bad for me, cause it's super hot!! I hate sunny/humid weather. Makes me so lazy to go for my casting.. Alright,enough of ranting.
Naomi is very thankful to all her readers. Be it faithful readers or random new readers.
Arigatto Gozaimasu~ ♥
And i got more than 25k hits yesterday!
Wish it can continue to have 25k hits daily.. =D
Regarding the Sgblogawards, as i said i didn't nominate myself for it. So if you readers wanna vote for me, you can go to the website to do so. Thank you to those who nominated me. Cause you guys are giving me a chance to win the prize. I gonna end here as i'm heading out for casting soon.
Next post will answer to all my questions on my emails and more about myself =) Stay tune!