Friday, June 12, 2009

Naomi's character ...

Photos credit :Ecperez
Wanna know more about me part 2 ?? ^-^
Here it's ..
Naomi carrys an attitude, maybe to some people they think i'm rude/dao. But this is me.
I don't wear a mask out to face everybody, i can easily offend people cause i'm too straight forward.
I'm quiet at all times towards friends/unknown,but i'm very noisy towards my close friends only.
The moment i dislike this person, i'll ignore and leave that person.
I hate Gossips and Politics.
Fakers always don't last long..
I hate my friends to make use of me, if it's true friends, why make use of me?
And i don't talk about my family matters, everybody have their own privacy.
Please respect that, thanks
Naomi always believe in
"What goes around comes around"
"Time will tell everything"
"Anything that doesn't kill me, makes me stronger"
Naomi is single till now, why?
I want a MAN not a BOY. As i had very bad previous r/s experienced.
I want someone to take care of me,
Very sweet,
Dear to me,
Understand me in every ways,
Be there for me when i need,
Give me surprises,
Give in to me in everything,
Respect my family members,
Presentable looking,
Someone loves me,
Dote on me,

Naomi loves her girlfriends alot,
Cause they always by her side,
Accompany her,
Meet almost everyday,
Share girl's secrets,
Share happiness & sorrows,
♥ ♥

Lastly, at times i do think of him.. Only my close friends know who is "he". But i know it's already past, and i already had moved on for years. Please "he" is not the one who beat me up. "he" is my years back ex bf. I'm those type that would think back of old sweet memories, i'm sure it happens to some people too =)