Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Butter factory Tonight !! With my girls again! =D

Naomi has make her decision! Hmm.. It will be a secret. Btw, this is regarding whether to attend the interview with The Newpaper. The Journalist, E, sounds friendly and nice. =)) So far, many people courage me to go for it. And i heard it would be a special theme for the photoshoots! Sounds interesting ya? Oh ya, today i consult Dr. John chiam for my skin and cough. This Doctor is a good one! Why do naomi say so? Because he is friendly and nice. Best of all, his products give proven results! And it's cheaper than the one i consult at Drx clinic. And i trust him. So why not? I did laser too,it's not pain at all. Maybe i'm brave. haha..
To contact with this good doctor for your skin, email me at
*All questions regarding my skin are welcome! I'm glad to share with you girls!
Afterall there's no ugly woman only lazy woman,
Every woman are the pretty ones! ♥
Alright, i gonna prepare to meet my girls!! Love you readers! *muack*
P.S: Modeling is my profession, please do not abuse my photography photos.