Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My fav photo ! ♥
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13th april
Meet up with M, we had dinner at my fav place which is makan sutra. I love the malay chicken rice, especially the chilli sauce. After meal, we watched movie at marina square. I had nissin jap bowl noodle for supper again. Come to think of it, i had been eating this jap bowl noodle for 8years! Although it was so long but i still love it! Meiji milk is always my fav! Everyday i have to drink it to sleep :)
And yes! I got over 10k views in clubsnap of my previous photoshoots
P.S: I wanna redo my nails !
Have you wonder what is the most importants in your life?
Would you be contented of what you have now?
Naomi is contented of what she has now
Life are meant to be simple, happy and contented :D